”The Narentines“ are history inspired project which features a vast collection of 3333 randomly generated NFTs that lodge on the Solana blockchain.
Captivating lore will give you insight into how these fierce pirates used to enjoy all the goods they've come across, and raid their way into becoming infamous legends.


Build an amazing community

Gather fellow pirate lovers from the high seas of the internet.



Bring your staunch rum drinker to the Solana blockchain and raise the sails for an adventure!



Let your own Narentine enjoy another grog while socialising with other Narentines, and get some $GOODS in return.


Preparation for raids

Use your $GOODS to build your sturdy ships and equip your brave and skilled crew. They'll need all the help they can get to keep the advantages while sailing those mysterious seas.


Go on raids

Send your vessels on expeditions. Let the crew roam along the untrodden paths, still unknown to the local men, let alone to the rest of the world and just be amazed at what precious items they bring back.


Amphora aged wine

After hard raids, is there any better way to relax than with a bottle of rum? As a matter of fact, there is! Relax with wine, aged under the sea, guarded by mysterious creatures. All the thrill makes it taste even better...take our word for it!


Dress like a proper pirate

Are you a pirate anyway without, let's say, a tricorne or maybe an eye patch? No true pirate would ever pass the possibility to look like one as well. Therefore, not only will you be the fierce ruler of the seas, but you will be the most stylish fierce ruler if we had a say in it.

of #3333




Narentines were a South Slavic tribe that inhabited the area of southern Dalmatia, the center of which was at the river Neretva, also known as Narenta at the time of their rule, hence the name Narentines!

Mint will be held on 18th of June as follows: whitelist mint will start at 6pm UTC and will last for 1 hour, public mint will start at 7pm UTC and will last for 24 hours

Whitelist price - 2.75 SOL, public price - 3 SOL

For now, you can help us build an amazing community on Discord and Twitter. In the near future, we expect additional vacancies for full-stack developers and community moderators.

Core Team

Ivan Begović

Ivan Begović

binary mastermind

Karlo Mijoč

Karlo Mijoč

product designer

Leo Bošnjak

Leo Bošnjak

content creator

Mate Volarević

Mate Volarević

community mod

Mate Žaja

Mate Žaja

creative director

Korina Hunjak

Korina Hunjak

main artist